Shopping at Chez Cassey

I get a lot of people asking me about my clothes. They want to know where I buy them, and they are always surprised when I tell them how much I paid. With back to school shopping in full swing, I’m going to let you in on some of my favorite stores, styles and steals. Every Monday I’ll feature some fashion pieces and prices that will make you as excited as bubble wrapped packages make me! 

Today’s pieces aren’t my most budget conscious finds, but they’re so cute you won’t be able to resist! They come from one of my favorite stores: Ruche. Ruche may be a bit more pricey than I’m used to, but from what I’ve heard is normal prices for most people! 

They feature a 25% off discount on all new styles for the week for members and offer a 20% deal for first time signup to the newsletter. There is usually free shipping to Canada over $75 which is easy when everything is so cute! 

This week they have the new Bennett Street Pants in Wine (they also come in navy)! I am in love with these pants. They are perfect for a day in the office, walking around campus or going to lunch with a friend. 

I love this color when paired with natural tones to make it fit perfectly into Fall. The Feeling Special Draped Blouse is a great solid shirt that is elegant, and comfortable to keep the outfit versatile.

Accessorize this with the Sunrise Views Jeweled Necklace and the Lorna Platform Heels to add a little something to pull it all together.

Works well with a cute backpack or a natural toned bag! I have a cute navy one with white terriers wearing wine coloured bows that would work perfectly (I might just have to get it). 

Ruche’s currently has a promotion on for $50 off $150 and more, but only until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday). You could get this outfit for $100 and use the pieces to create so many more with things you already own. 

Happy shopping!