A weekend in Madrid

I was lucky enough to take a last minute night bus trip to Madrid a weekend past. I loved this city! It was so full of Spanish culture, and most importantly wonderful food. Although I would suggest you to stay longer if at all possible, here is an itinerary for a two day weekend trip to the Spanish Capital! Continue reading “A weekend in Madrid”


10 Things you Should Know Before Visiting Catalonia (Spain?)

Before arriving in Vic, for my first time in Europe, I had visions of quaint old buildings, small coffee shops, warm weather, listening to Spanish surround me and sight seeing.

What I arrived to was a great surprise. If you’re thinking of heading to somewhere in Catalonia, make sure you do a bit of research first. It has a culture all its own! Continue reading “10 Things you Should Know Before Visiting Catalonia (Spain?)”

The Trip

My third time on a plane, my first time in Europe, luckily just one easy stop in Heathrow and then off to Barcelona. I left Halifax with a view out my window of familiar scenery, a sprinkle of snow and the dark midnight sky. After a less than sleep filled, night flight across the Atlantic, I saw sunlight peek through the window just too far up for a comfortable look. I opened the window all the way (to the displeasure of the people around me) and at first was surprised, we were circling a hilly area, coated in eerie fog, dead grass and clusters of houses that looked like their own small towns from up there.  Continue reading “The Trip”

The airport chronicles

As I sit here in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, I can’t help but think about the few other times I have graced any airport with my presence. Although this trip is going to be much shorter, and will just include   time spent in my country with my other half (Cassie Pilon’s cat junior) it still has a lot in common with the others.

I’m stil travelling to a place I’ve never been, I’m sure I’ll be meeting people I never have, and eating very little of the local cuisine (I’m pretty picky). I’m also an hour early as per usual, which is why I sit here writing to you instead of sleeping the extra hour in my nice comfortable bed, which I miss dearly.

When my blog had just first started, and was finding its feet I wrote from an airport, on my way to Orlando, Florida. I was waiting for my first big adventure, I was expecting to be wowed and struck with life changing epiphanies. I thought: a new country, I’m travelling so far, this must be important. A short time later I wrote from an airport, on my way to Quebec. I thought: still Canada, there’s going to be a lot of poutine, I’ll be learning French (yawn), probably not that important. 

Both of these places, I was very wrong about. 

When I went to Florida, it was a shorter trip, but I volunteered, and it was great and all but it didn’t exactly leave me thinking wow my life has been changed in some way. It was kind of the same things I’d been doing back home, with the exception of Disney and Orlando Studios. This trip was fun, a lot of fun, but it wasn’t full of epiphanies as I had expected. 

When I went to Quebec, it was more than I could have imagined any trip to be. I honestly could’ve backed out, I wasn’t looking forward to it too much. However, the people I met, and the things I learned (French and otherwise) will stick with me forever and many things I learned (about myself) are now daily reminders in my pursuit of doing more than just getting by.

It left me with wanderlust, not in the way of needing to be halfway across the world (although I wouldn’t complain), but in the way of simply needing to see things I have never seen before. To just travel to somewhere, anywhere. To have adventure as often as possible, no matter how small. 

Sometimes it is the most unexpected places that we find our lives changed: in people you never thought you would meet, in places you never thought to see, in walking down the street eating a baguette (a whole one) to yourself. 

So sitting here in this very empty airport, watching a very cool sunrise through a lot of clouds, I just want to remind you to accept any adventure. If you have the opportunity to go anywhere do it, whether it is to the other end of the province, the other end of the country, the other end of the world, or just to visit your bff in their hometown. Go places, do things, open your eyes. 

Never be afraid to wander,



^^ dis is my view

La vie est belle. 

After five weeks in Quebec, three plane rides and a much needed nap, I can say I’m safely home in Cape Breton. This has been the most amazing experience, and I was blessed with the opportunity to meet so many outstanding people. I had the chance to adventure in the beautiful city with my incredible friends, and I can’t imagine how I will live without them. Not waking up every day and walking to class to study french with my hilarious professor, speaking with the animateurs in their room, going on activities in the afternoons, and meeting up with the squad (or the herd apparently) for fun in the evening will be surreal. My heart longs for poutine at Chez Ashton, maple syrup mayonnaise at Chez Victor, $5 pulled pork at Bureau de Post, and ice cream at Chocolat Favoris. It longs for my friends, each person that I got the pleasure of becoming close with whether it was on day one, or week five. Each of you has made an impact on my life and my experience wouldn’t be the same without you. Please keep in contact, whether it’s a message on facebook, a text, a FaceTime, a phone call, or even just a snapchat once in a while. Thank you all for making Quebec feel like home. 

 I cannot wait for a Explore reunion soon ❤️. You always have a place to stay in Nova Scotia! xo 

Featuring a few of our shenanigans 💃


Arbre en arbre 

Je suis retourné à partir Arbre en Arbre avec membres endoloris et quelques coupures, mais jamais plus heureux. Ma première aventure, et la preuve que je suis beaucoup plus courageux que je l’habitude d’être. Un parcours d’obstacles et tyrolienne dans les arbres était difficile et très beau! J’aime Québec! 


Level 1 = Français pour “Dummies” et, je suis très bonne à classe. Pardonnez mon français. Je ne pas utiliser le Google translate, et je ne peux parle français. Mes amis à Québec est magnifique, et je suis très excité pour le prochain cinq semaines! 

Mon première souper à Laval. Magasinez a le Métro c’est amusante. 

Airport Take Two

I’m drinking coffee. 

For those who don’t know me, this is a problem. 

Sleep deprivation and language barriers will be the struggle of today ✈️. That will be all for now, as one of my new orientation friends said:

Later gator! 

(I will be using this more often from here on out as it is an interesting and legitimate way to say goodbye.)

Chubby Cheeks and Busy Weeks

As terrified as I was to get my wisdom teeth removed, it turns out I survived. A little anesthetic goes a long way. I had the most amazing experience while in Orlando, Florida. We hit some bumps in the road, but I still learned a lot about the culture and myself. I realized that I want to continue to volunteer while travelling to new places. I have officially caught the wanderlust bug.

On the 10th of May I will be heading to my next adventure in Quebec for a french immersion camp. I can’t wait to meet new people and visit a new place. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that I have been offered and so thankful for all of the friends and family that support me along the way. Without all of them I couldn’t possibly be where I am today.