Pal-entine’s Day in Halifax

For all of you who aren’t celebrating the big V-Day with a significant other, there are still tons of things to do with people you love this February! Or chances to meet new people. Check out this guide to a single’s Valentine’s Day in the city.

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The Local Christmas Wishlist: Halifax, NS

One of the greatest advantages to shopping local (besides supporting the local economy, and your fellow Haligonians) is that you’ll find unique gifts you can feel good about giving. If you’re looking to support local this year while holiday shopping, here are some ideas of shops where you can find something for everyone on your list even if you left it all to the last minute.  Continue reading “The Local Christmas Wishlist: Halifax, NS”

6 Downtown Dartmouth Lunch Spots Worth the Ferry Ride

These restaurants in Downtown Dartmouth are the hidden lunch gems of the HRM. They may be a bridge drive or ferry ride away if you work in Halifax, but they’re worth the trip. Take a nice (extra long) lunch break tomorrow and treat yourself to some amazing local eats. Continue reading “6 Downtown Dartmouth Lunch Spots Worth the Ferry Ride”

Best Halifax Coffee Shops to Study At

It’s that time of year again, where the end of the semester is approaching and we all know that we can’t get anything done at home when we have Scandal episodes to watch. It can be very difficult to get anything done in your apartment when there are so many better things you could do, like eat a snack, have a dance party, learn to play the guitar, watch all of the Star Wars movies, or pretty much anything that isn’t work.

Unfortunately the reality is, we don’t have any more time for procrastination! Finals are coming, and we’re down to the last few weeks to finish assignments, study for exams and grow a few new grey hairs. So how do you get your work done and still get an Instagram worthy photo out of it? Go do your work at one of the many fantastic and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops around the HRM. Continue reading “Best Halifax Coffee Shops to Study At”

Halifax Date Ideas: for the one who loves the Holidays

While many people might think that Halifax looks like this all winter:

The true Haligonians know that some nights it’s also a winter wonderland.

Plus we still need to go out, have fun and treat our loved ones to a nice evening once in a while. Especially the ones that are CRAZY for Christmas (I am one of those people).

So how can we make the most out of the season here in the city?

Read on for a date to melt both your hearts this holiday!

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The Perfect Halifax Date for: the one who likes hole-in-the-wall places

The first in an ongoing series of date ideas for those of you who are hitting planner’s block when it comes to your significant other (or your friends/family). This blog will give you the perfect date in Halifax for the one who likes hole in the wall places. Whether it’s a casual Friday, or a more special occaision, you want to make sure you avoid getting into a rut or a routine. Read on for the details:

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6 Steak Restos in Halifax that you Need to Try Next Date Night

1. Ryan Duffy’s

This is a hidden gem, filled with rich retirees and anniversary dates, but it can serve any carnivore well. Share the steakhouse nachos to start, but only if you’re really hungry because they fill you up fast. If you’re like me, no apetizer can stand in the way of you finishing your 9oz tenderloin and garlic mash. Continue reading “6 Steak Restos in Halifax that you Need to Try Next Date Night”

My Vinyl Wishlist

Last Christmas my boyfriend gave me one of the most unexpected and perfect gifts ever: a record player. I had been eyeing them since they hit the shelves as part of the throwback retail trend sweeping the globe, but had never felt I really NEEDED one, more than you know McDonalds, or a new pair of BDG jeans. Every time I saw a friend with one, or an aesthetically pleasing room on Pinterest featuring a vinyl display my heart strings were tugged. Continue reading “My Vinyl Wishlist”

How to make your presentation stand out

I don’t think any of us could count how many times that we used the same templates for our PowerPoint presentations. Although switching to Prezi was a quick fix for time constrained creativity, making your presentation stand out takes more than switching programs. Whether you’re presenting research to a panel, pitching an idea to your boss, or simply giving your final project to a class, you don’t want to blend in with everyone else. The easiest way to get peoples’ attention, and maybe their pocketbooks, is to stand out from the crowd. That starts with a killer presentation (and the perfect pantsuit, but that’s a problem for later). Continue reading “How to make your presentation stand out”

A weekend in Madrid

I was lucky enough to take a last minute night bus trip to Madrid a weekend past. I loved this city! It was so full of Spanish culture, and most importantly wonderful food. Although I would suggest you to stay longer if at all possible, here is an itinerary for a two day weekend trip to the Spanish Capital! Continue reading “A weekend in Madrid”