Best Halifax Coffee Shops to Study At

It’s that time of year again, where the end of the semester is approaching and we all know that we can’t get anything done at home when we have Scandal episodes to watch. It can be very difficult to get anything done in your apartment when there are so many better things you could do, like eat a snack, have a dance party, learn to play the guitar, watch all of the Star Wars movies, or pretty much anything that isn’t work.

Unfortunately the reality is, we don’t have any more time for procrastination! Finals are coming, and we’re down to the last few weeks to finish assignments, study for exams and grow a few new grey hairs. So how do you get your work done and still get an Instagram worthy photo out of it? Go do your work at one of the many fantastic and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops around the HRM.

Give me a few hours, a chai latte, and a good atmosphere, and I can finish a ten page paper in less than six hours.

What are you waiting for? Check out any of these great locations and get your work done, like now.

Just Us – Spring Garden Road

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Get here early if you’re coming on a Sunday. This cafe is jam packed with everyone doing the exact same thing as you. Doing homework while slightly distracted by Buzzfeed quizzes and the amazing Chipotle Chicken sandwich. Make sure you check ahead to see if there is an event happening that day (like a slam poetry session) that you might want to work your schedule around.

The Nook – Gottingen Street

Atmosphere? Check. Good coffee? Check. Nooks to do your homework in? Double Check. The cosiest of places to sit, sip and work, The Nook offers the perfect study location for the average hipster. Support local, and take in the fresh atmosphere to uplift you through this tragic time (exams).

Bedford Basin Farmers Market (Bistro) – Bedford

Often overlooked by even the local Bedford residents, this farmers market may not be Seaport size but it offers a much better vibe if you’re looking to sit down and enjoy some local, fresh food and a side of perfectly steeped coffee. This market has a large area with comfortable seats, adorable decor, and the perfect angle for your next #productive selfie. And it’s open until 9:00 pm on Sundays and 10:00 pm every other day.

Two If By Sea – Dartmouth

TIBBS is basically Hali-famous even though its on the other side of the bridge. It’s bright and busy, but with some headphones its just the palce to get started on that thing you have due like, tomorrow. Their coffee is made by Anchored Coffee, their neighbours and another local favourite. Check their instagram page for their croissant of the week!

Lion & Bright – Agricola Street

This place has gotten a lot of hate lately for its no screens after 5:00 pm policy that blew up social media outcry in October. However, this is an incredible LOCAL cafe, and their chai latte (trust me) is worth it. If you’re looking to have a productive morning and early afternoon, hit up Lion & Bright for the perfect vibe, good music, tasty pastries, and the option to switch to beer if things get a little too stresful. One upside to the screen ban is that it’ll motivate you to finish by 5:00 pm and then you can meet up with your friends for celebratory food & drinks.

Starbucks – Spring Garden Road

Tride and true the Starbucks on Spring Garden may have recently moved, but it is still an iconic location to get stuff done, while satisfying your inner basic b. You can power through any essay with your Toasted White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Hold The Whip But Add Some Cinnamon and Make Sure It’s Soy Milk. This place is always packed wtih University students trying to get things done, but you can still stake out a decent seat if you keep your eyes open.

There are plenty more amazing coffee shops in Halifax, so if the one you go to is busy, just try the next one! We all know that you’re not going to get anything done with your hand in a jar of pringles and your toes in fuzzy slippers on the couch at home.

Good luck with finals everyone!



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