A weekend in Madrid

I was lucky enough to take a last minute night bus trip to Madrid a weekend past. I loved this city! It was so full of Spanish culture, and most importantly wonderful food. Although I would suggest you to stay longer if at all possible, here is an itinerary for a two day weekend trip to the Spanish Capital!

Day 1:

Arrive as early as possible.

If you can grab an early morning flight, do so to give yourself more room for activites all day (If not another option is to come Friday night and sleep in a hostel or AirBnB for an early morning rise).

Start off your day with a walk through the streets of Madrid. Start at Plaza de España, to see the Monumento A Cervantes, and take a stroll down Grand Via, the famous street that houses many shops, restaurants and more.

Check out the Edifico Carrión, Edifico Telelfónico and Edificio Metrópolis.

Take the metro from Banco de España, to Ópera.

Find your way to the Chocolateria San Gines, to get a head start on the long lineup for their famous churros and chocolate.

Here you can walk to the Plaza Major. You can see the Palacio STA. Cruz, Plaza de la Villa, Casa de la Villa, Teatro Real.

Stop for lunch at the San Miguel Market, and prepare to spend a good chunk of time here. This market is full of tapas, pizzas, paellas, fresh pasta, deserts and any other food your hungry heart could desire.

Continue to the Palacio Real where you can visit the inside of the palace, sit in the courtyard to enjoy the sunshine, and see the Cathedral de la Almudena.

Continue to the Viaducto, and then find your way to a flamenco show to finish off your evening. I suggest the one at La Cueva de Lola.

It was the least expensive and most intimate show in the city. The workers of the restaurant are very friendly, and gave us the table right beside the stage. Our 20€ ticket got us into the hour long show and a bottle of wine to share between two people. The dancers were fantastic, and very engaged with the audience. Definitely a must see!

Day 2:

Take the Metro to La Latina, where you will find the older part of the city, rich with culture. Find your way to Calle Cava Baja, a street famous for its many tapas bars.

Take some of the local tapas to share, and enjoy a glass of wine at one of the charming home-y bars where you will find friendly bar staff and delicious food.

Walk off your lunch through the old part of the city, past the Plaza De Cascorro, until you arrive at Glorieta Puerta de Toledo.

Take a Metro to Colón where you can walk to the Plaza de Colón and see the famous monument. After this you can follow the Paseo de Recoletos to the Biblioteca National and the Museo Arqueológico.

Follow this street to the Plaza de Cibeles where you can see another of the many grand squares in Madrid and can get a great view of the Palacio de Cibeles Centrocentro.

From here you can continue to the Museo Naval, Museo Thyssen, and the Plaza de La Lealtad with its monument and burning flame.

You can then see the Fuente de Neptune and the Museo del Prado. If you take a turn and find your way to Calle Alfonso XII, walk upward along the edge of the Parque De El Retiro, until you reach the entrance at the Puerta de Alcala.

Enter the beautiful and massive park to spend your afternoon seeing the, Palacio de Velàzquez, Palacio de Cristal, Estatua Del Ángel Caído, and taking a paddle boat ride beside the Monumento Alfonso XII.

Finish off by visiting the Temple of Debod, preferably just before sunset. Take in the most breathtaking view of the city from Parque de la Montana, and go to one of the restaurants for dinner that is boasting live music. Sit back, relax, drink sangria and enjoy your last few moments in the capital.


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