Upgrade U

My recent revival in my appreciation for Beyonce’s classics to put you in a bad*** bi*** mood (along with many other good/bad memories of the past) and my upcoming birthday have reminded me of how much things have changed, as they always do.

So many things in my life have changed over the years, and I have so many incredible memories, and people in my life that have shaped me, and made me who I am. I have a lot of incredible things and people collected from over my lifetime.

I have the perfect amount of Ride or Dies who I would literally do anything for (and I know would do the same for me). I have a love of Friends and the Mindy Project that refuses to die after each season rewatch. I have a bookshelf full of old favorites, and the Sims 2 on my laptop. I have a jar of Nutella in my lap, and a spoon in my hand.

My ride or DIE #1 lifetime gal

Right now I also have a lot of wonderful new things in my life.

I have a few new friends who are truly genuine. I have a boyfriend, who although broke a year long streak of single-ness, is the most kind hearted, wonderful human being I have ever met who makes me a better person each and every day.




This is him in all his Halloween cuteness (he likes Captain America)

I have a new adventure on the horizon (Spain). I have a new love for grilled peppers, a new job, a new lace choker, a new mascara and a new list of photos for my wall.

Just one of my super sweet friends I was lucky enough to meet at Uni

My November suggestion? Re-evaluate, re-decorate and re-vamp your life to match the new and improved YOU.

I have always had the most difficult time letting things go (not quite but close to a TLC Hoarders episode). I felt like I had to keep every little thing to hold on to memories of the people, places, and things that I love.

What I’ve realized now is that although I still have WAY more clothes than any human needs, and my wall is splattered with hundreds of pictures that it is okay to have a lot of things, as long as they’re things that reflect the current you and not your past you.

There were pictures on my wall of people I haven’t talked to in years, clothes that I kept forever hoping to one day fit back into them, and even about sixty seven bar bracelets (definitely don’t need to remember those) that I kept in a shoebox. Now, I’ll never stop loving things, or stop holding on to memories, but I’m reminding myself this November as I’m about to turn 21 (God bless amurica), that it is just as important to cherish and celebrate your current life, as your past; and that sometimes you just need to let things go.

That sweater you haven’t worn in years that makes you feel bad when you try it on?

Let it go.

That old bf you never got closure with?

Let him go.

That friend you lost along the way for no reason?

Let them go.

Never forget these people or things. I’m not telling you to erase your memories. Just let them go. Keep them in your mind, but not in your sight. Wish them all well, and hope that they find their happiness in life and if they pop back into yours create new moments, new memories, never try and re-create old ones, it’s impossible.

So as I sit here with a peppermint candle and Christmas playlists to last a decade, going through my things and parting ways with a few of them. I encourage you to reflect on what’s important in your life, and to hold those things/people tight. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit creeping in early (I know I’m nuts), or the Bublé songs talking, but I am very thankful for where I am and the people I have with me.

She made me the CUTEST scrapbook for my bday and also got me a very accurate mug.

Look at all the wonder that surrounds you today.

Happy almost Michael Bublé Season,




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