Chokers on chokers on chokers

I honestly thought I would hate the choker trend. I thought it looked ridiculous to wear these rubber bands from our childhood again. They were not cute then, how could they be cute now?

Somehow I have been won over, and converted to the dark side because now I love them. There are so many different kinds that you can get, and with the right top, they make your neck look incredible.

Here’s a few finds in case you want to hop on board too!

These two are from AE (I recently got a job there so you’ll be seeing a LOT of their products because I’m obsessed).

I own the layered one already and it is really cute when paired with a v-neck, or lower necked top. It lengthens the neck, making it appear slimmer and it is super comfortable.

The single one is on my want list because of its stone charm. I love the color because it reminds me of sunsets and of my birthstone (Topaz).

These next two are from Forever 21. This is a great place if you’re looking for cheap chokers! They have a huge variety in different colours and styles. These two are some of my favourites. I own the bow one and it goes with literally every outfit I own. It’s versatile in the way that the black faux leather and the choker style makes it a bit edgy, but the bow makes it also sweet chic, allowing all sides of your sweet & salty personality to shine.

The multi layer one is just super intriguing and has a lot of fun charm to it. It could definitely take a look from blah to WHOA really quick.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more bank (painful but oh so worth it) you can snag one of many adorable chokers from Urban Outfitters. This store is like the forbidden fruit for me. It’s too expensive but I want it ALL. The top daisy choker is a fun, cute way to ease into the choker lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a plain Jane choker, the velvet one from UO is to die for. It’s comfy, soft, and hella cute.

The floral patterned choker is such a different way to make a statement. When paired with neutral tones pieces it can be the focal point of an outfit, or it can be added to a mixed pattern combo (if you are careful and have training in the field) for added character.

For something that stands out, without the colourful, pattern concern, the final black wrap choker from UO is a great way to embrace being different, while still being able to match it with most of your outfits. It can be worn as loose, tight, long or short as you want it, so your style is really up to you.

What about you? What’s your favourite choker style?

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments (I’m always looking for a good find).
Happy styling,




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