Affordable Photo Editing Software

My free trial of Adobe Photoshop recently ran out, which I thought meant I would have to return to the horrors of MS Paint, or some online editor like Picnik. I wanted to keep Photoshop, really I did. The only problem is, I am poor. The Adobe Creative Cloud is any PR student’s dream. Between my co-op, inspirational wall decor (aka Kanye & Kid Cudi lyrics), and my blog banner update, I used that free trial as much as possible. When it ran out, I thought: I use this a lot, I enjoy using it. I should get it. That is when I found out it costs a fair bit in US Dollars which right now means that it costs like, a million in Canadian.

It didn’t matter how much I wanted it, much alike my dream of Zac Efron being my husband, it simply wasn’t going to happen.

This is when I turned to Google my ever reliable friend, and after a few duds, I came across a photo editing software that is not only free (bless up), but actually decent. It took some getting used to, but many of the tools are similar to those in Photoshop, so it wasn’t too hard to catch on. It downloads straight onto your computer, and there is a ton of information and help online if you ever get stuck. For any PR friends/ Insta famous followers looking for a cheap replacement GIMP will be your new best friend. It’s run and updated by volunteers, so they do take donations if you’d like to send one along, but otherwise it is free of charge.


There’s a quick view of the main editing page.

The website features the download as well as tutorials and information to help you get started.

Happy editing,


Cassey Louise



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