An unusual post

This blog’s intention was for me to be able to write freely and openly about my thoughts, experiences and goals. I am the kind of person that needs to express myself, or sometimes it feels as though I might burst. 

This being said, I also am the kind of person, who avoids conflict, who avoids commenting on controversial topics because I worry about harming the feelings of others, or speaking on a topic I do not know every detail about.

This post therefore, will be a bit unusual for me. 

Many of you know I have a place that I call home. That I am proud to call home. Cape Breton. I also have another home, a place I love equally, and that has shaped me in just as many ways into the person I am: Mount Saint Vincent University. 

The interesting thing about the Mount is that we are such a small, tight knit group of people. We are all intertwined in one way or another. 

We know each other on a personal level, and this also means social media connections, easier access to online communications.

It means we can be very passionate towards issues that affect our peers, our friends, our faculty, our institution. What we need to remember is when being passionate, not to cross the lines of decency. No one should be silenced, but we all must be careful of how we interact with each other. There should be no “sides” on an issue such as mental health. No one wins in a battle about mental health issues, we only can win together, in a battle against it. 

We are to put aside our words and our emoticons towards each other, and focus on the issue at hand. This is not how these situations should be discussed, in finger pointed posts, calling out comments, taking sides, and using hurtful language. I am not taking a side, there should be no sides.

 A concern for how the school has handled a mental health situation has been brought to media attention. This is where we are, we cannot go back, we cannot change this. What we can do is ignore the politics, the argument about it and focus on a solution. We can learn from this, grow from this: together. It is time to mend the cavern that has been created between us, and to stand together in the fight to end the stigma.

Let us work to stand by the students, in a collective, respectful and empathetic manner in all aspects of issues past and present. If any of you are like me, I have been blessed to meet each of you at the Mount, and have grown as a person through interactions with you all. I thank you for this, and urge you to use your incredible, thoughtful minds to be kind to each other.

As always you are free to comment on this as you are on anything, but I would like to encourage you not to read between the lines, or to point out flaws, or judge my feelings on the topic. I apologize in advance if anyone feels this is aimed toward them, or that it hurts them in any way. That is in no way the intention. I would ask you to simply take this for what it is: a request for us to all work together to find a solution that changes the future, because the entire point of an institution of learning, is to open our minds, and to change the world for the better. 

Let’s change the world, together.



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