We yearn so hopelessly for greatness that we begin to put it out of reach. We turn it into the thing of dreams, of stories and legends. We turn greatness into this colossal, unattainable realm of being. That it is meant for the lucky ones. We make greatness to be the impossible, the miracles, the fairy dust society thrives on to continue. We make greatness into a thing of gods. 
Greatness is so much simpler than that. Greatness is in everything, in everyone. We all have it already. Greatness is the friends you have to bring you up when you’re down. Its being there for someone when they need you. It’s an awkward first kiss that you’ll tell stories about for years. It’s the smell of your mom’s homemade chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. It’s the thing of commoners, of dreamers and lovers. Greatness isn’t tangible, it isn’t a specific thing you can achieve or define. Greatness is something that is already there for you to find. You just have to change your perspective.

Go find some greatness,




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