Mindy’s Guide to Exam Week

Who doesn’t love GIFs? (if you don’t stop reading this) Also who doesn’t love Mindy from The Mindy Project? This Guide to Exam Week combines these two of my favorite things. This is really less of a guide, and more of a synopsis of what is about to take place. But find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Mindy and I are always here for you.

  1. The promise of change.
  1. anigif_enhanced-buzz-12070-1368555997-12

As with all great beginnings, we make a promise to ourselves at the beginning of exam week: I will do better this time. We promise that we will do better, we will study more, eat less, reduce stress and manage time like the pros. We can do it all if only we try this time. Haha.

2. Thinking that things are all going so well.


It’s so wonderful to think you have your life together isn’t it? If you ever get the feeling that you should write about yourself for your “Who inspires you” essay, give it a few days. Another topic might come to mind.

3. Reminding yourself as you start to doubt your greatness.


We all need a little pick me up during the week.

4. Trying to cling onto the motivation that now seems so far away.


Channel your inner Beyonce Pad Thai.

5. Remembering the horror of last year’s exams.


Doomed to repeat history (white wine though, we learn some lessons)

6. Trying to justify stress eating to yourself.


Never deny yourself the chicken wings.

7. Ignoring people who try and bring you down.

giphy (1)

Priorities for my mouth start with food and end with responding to whatever crap you’re saying.

8. When food becomes your only friend.


No one can cheer me up like this jar of Nutella and a spoon can.

9. Trying to deal with all the emotional breakdowns like:


Will it?

10. When people say “It’ll all be over soon, don’t worry about it.”


Please stop. Just stop. Nothing will ever be okay again except for this snack, because it never lets me down.

11. Complaining about your inhalation of mass quantities of food during the week to your friends:


The correct response was “No I don’t think five meals a day is too much.”

12. Realizing that this is nothing like you planned. It may be worse than last time.


Is there a bottom below the bottom?

13. Re-entering denial and coming up with fantasies that your life really is together.


14. Coming out of the delayed denial to realize you’re screwed.


15. Hating going anywhere in public anymore.


Why can’t I just wear a robe in public too? Who are they to judge me?

16. When that one friend says: Screw it. Let’s just get f’d up.  tumblr_mmb00rlFmk1r0t5gco1_500.gif

17. The small part of your mind saying “No you’ll regret it.”


Pfft. No regrets. Logic thank you for returning to me.

18. Going from homeless to HOT AF in ten minutes


19. Laying on your floor wondering how it all went so wrong.


20. Seeing your friends the next day at the exam:


YAAS I did. I am a queen and nothing will stop me. My life is totally together.

Good luck brave souls,





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