You wear what you eat

Many people say “you are what you eat”. I’m not sure what this means exactly, but I take it in loose translation to say that I am a weird mixture of bacon, Nutella and maple syrup. I already have the sweet and salty personality, now all I need is an a makeover.

Now, to honour burger week, this piece is on how you can wear what you eat: burger style. 

1. This incredible burger sweatshirt.

2. These matching sweatpants

3. These flip flops for summer grilling

4.This burger bling

5. And a burger ring

Marry me?

6. These burger inspired kicks

7. Or heels for the more classy occasions

8. This burger phone to call all your friends to tell them about your style steals

9. And this bed spread for the burgers of your dreams

Happy burger week fellow Haligonians,

Sorry to anyone who isn’t here for it,



PS me in my natural habitat


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