10 Seriously Stessful Times as a University Student

Yesterday, I was so busy running around worrying about immediate problems, tomorrow’s problems, Wednesday’s problems, etc. that I finished my agenda and almost stress barfed (gross I know but accurate). The thing is, we all have those days, those weeks. The important thing to remember is that we are all in this together. Everyone is fighting their own battle as they walk through these university halls. However, we also all face many of the same challenges in everyday life. So I challenge you to think of 10 Seriously Stressful Times that you have and maybe you’ll realize, we all got your back jack: b***** be crazy.

(Big Bang Theory reference)

Here’s my 10 SeriouslyStressful Moments:

1. Finding out that after walking 15 minutes through every building on campus, someone JUST NOW tells you that your backpack has lifted your dress and everyone can see your butt. (The importance of safety shorts my friends)

2. Finding out you have an assignment due in class today, an hour before class.

3. When you’re in a rush watching the computer’s “Welcome” loading circle go around, and around, and around as you slowly go mad until you crack and scream “TURN ON YOU STUPID MACHINE” in a quiet space.

4. When you get a grade back and you go from “crushed it” to “well that’s different”.

5. Meal hall crush walking in on you carrying an army of hungry ape’s worth of plates that you just licked clean to the dirty pile like “oh, no this was me and my thirty friends’ plates.”.

6. Looking at a 3000 word essay like: “Finally done! Let me just check the word count… 300. Oh. Well.”

7. Waking up in a panic thinking you’ve missed your alarm, floundering around to finally realize it’s 5:00 am. Crawling back into bed and suddenly have to pee. Walking into the hallway seeing the lights and looking like a vampire exposed on a 20 degree cloudless day. Not the Cullen kind that sparkle, the kind that vaporize into dust.

8. Looking at your bank account like, “Ok! I think I’m good. Yeah it’s probably higher than I think. I don’t remember spending much. It’ll all be okay. Wait. What? Oh no. What have I done. I am despicable. That’s it. I deserve to be poor. How have I spent that much on chicken wings?”

9. Waking up and simply feeling like you literally cannot get out of bed. As though the need though of reaching a foot to the floor may cause the cease of your existance. Yet still having to do it because you have ten million things to do today.

10. Group work of any kind.

I hope your Monday wasn’t filled with too many stresses. But if it was, remember that you are never alone. We’re all here for you.

Happy living,




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