Fashionably Late (literally)

Although I’m sure no one will see this until tomorrow,  I’ll pretend this is Wednesday. I figure if I’ll be late I may as well be fashionably late: so here it is.

This week I wanted to talk about the beauty of neutral accessories. For one: they can match with like literally almost everything. For two: they have an effortlessly girly quality that I love. I am a huge fan of rings (I would wear one on every finger if it wasn’t frowned upon). I do wear quite a few at once when possible, and my favorite set is one of gold bands of varying sizes, some with sets of tiny pearls. I got them at Spring, lost one, and bought the whole set again to replace it (yes a little obsessed). They’re so cute, and effortlessly add trend into an outfit. I wear them more than I should. 

I also love a good neutral toned watch. I recently purchased one from Ruche and it’s pinks, light greens and nude tones make it feel feminine without being too flashy. I always see adorable ones at Bizou too, usually with interchangeable straps. I definitely suggest it, that way your favorite watch can match every outfit!

Other options for a title would have been “I’m all about nudes” or something else, but this seemed a bit too innapropriate and misleading really. Don’t want any false advertising charges.

Happy accessorizing,




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