Oh, Monday *sigh*

This morning I woke up early, went to the chiropractor, bussed back to school, ate my first ever Tim’s Breakfast Sandwich (life changing by the way), and a French Vanilla. I then chatted with a good friend for ten minutes and had to go to Spanish class. The rest of my day continues, with a quick lunch, another class, work at the gym, editing videos until 5:30 a quick supper, work at the Crow and Go 6:00 until 9 and then going to the gym from 9-10:30. After this I will spend the rest of my evening finishing my homework and at some point sleeping. Most people I know say I’m crazy, but I like being busy. It does however take a toll on my body and mind. That’s why no matter how much I want to leave work and go to my room and sleep, I am making myself take time to go to the gym.

I spent every spare moment in high school playing sports. When I came to University there was more work, more stress and instead of using exercise to relieve it, I cut it out almost entirely to save time. I thought I was doing my body a favor, when really, I was starving it of release. It’s a method of stress relief for me, and not going would leave me more anxious than the hour and a half there ever could.

This is what is so important, finding things that make you feel good, and doing them, even when it seems impossible. Taking time for yourself everyday is not a privilege or an option, it is a necessity. Nothing in your daily routine is more important than your health. Put yourself first, and everything else will improve along with it.

Find your thing, and go do it (like today)

Happy living,




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