The Most Tuesday-ish Monday

Since the rest of the world went on holiday yesterday I did too, because what is a mindful Monday without a little break once in a while? On the beautiful sunny morning (early afternoon) it was when I awoke I got to roll over multiple times in my big bed and stare at the walls adorned with childhood memories.

I then got to get in a quick run and shower before eating home cooked food. Afterwards my mother, sister and I got dressed and headed outside for some fun in the snow before it disappeared today. We went sledding down the hill in our yard, eventually chilling enough to come inside for some hot cocoa and a movie. All in all, a wonder out day that ended in barbecued cheeseburgers and some quality time with more old memories.

Today I’m going to reinstall the Sims on my computer and hopefully visit with some of my closest friends whom I miss dearly while at school.

It doesn’t have to be a Monday or a holiday for us to treat ourselves well. Spend time with the people who love you, and you’ll automatically feel better. I promise. Family doesn’t have to just be blood. Family is a bond you know by feeling. The people who would do anything in the world to see you happy. Hold on to those people tight, they are the real precious gold and jewels in life.

Happy late Family Day,




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