The Year of Hats

This Wednesday in honor of my most favorite hat I thought that I would focus on this spring’s oncoming trend: hats. Already having emerged in Milan and London, fashionistas everywhere are talking about the accessories that I believe have always been underrated. This spring the fashion almanac is predicting something a little strange: dad hats.

What is a dad hat you ask? Exactly what you are picturing in your head (or on your dad’s head). That Blue Jays baseball hat you’ve been saving for EMERGENCY hair days, that bucket hat you prayed he would throw away, that fedora-esque safari looking thing you thoguht you’d never need again. Dust them all off, because even North West is behind this trend, and according to Elle she paired hers with a $3500 fur coat.


Maybe that’s why nobody noticed the dad hat?

Luckily I’ll still be wearing my fedoras, girly snapbacks, and panoramas if you’d like to join me in 2015. Let’s bring back last year’s hat trends. I’m not ready to let go.

Happy Hat Wearing,




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