“Hire Me”- your outfit

A lot of interviews are scary. They often seem to be a daunting opportunity to try and be modest while bragging about yourself, attempting to mask the desperate “HIRE ME” aroma you’re surely permeating into the air (did I remember deodorant???). However I suggest that instead of spending your prep time having nightmares of sweat stains and cursing in front of your could be boss, you spend it preparing yourself to be the kick-butt human you are.

In the second instalment of my What to Wear Wednesday, here are my outfit tips to feel as fabulous, interesting and confident as you are so you can walk into the interview and blow them away.


Tips to own your outfit:

1. Worried about sweat stains? Don’t be.

Don’t let the fear of sweat stains stop you from wearing your favorite colours or fabrics! A quick and fairly cheap fix:

Take a light daily pad and cut it in half. Stick it so the absorbent side is facing inwards to your armpit. Voila! You can breeze through your interview without a worry, and talk with your hands as much as you like.

1. Keep it classy, but don’t compromise your style.

You don’t have to wear a black and white basic blazer, shirt, skirt combo to be business clothes appropriate. There are so many fun ways you can style your interview look that don’t leave you feeling like an imposter librarian from a 2000s movie. Try a fun printed dress with a bright colored blazer, or tapered high wasted pants in a cute color with a high neck top and wedges. Throw on a cute pair of culottes, a long sleeve dolman top and add a cute tote.

Make sure you love what your wearing, the perfect outfit really can change your attitude for the better.

3. A bare nail is better than a chipped one.

If you’re anything like me, you rarely paint your nails, so when you do it turns into a “how long can this last chip stay on” or “crap I have to chip this all off before my boss sees”

When it comes to interviews, having unpainted nails is never a problem, but having half painted ones can be. They will notice when you shake hands, or sit them on your lap, or hold open a door. Do yourself a favor, and take the time in the morning or night before to make sure that you’re either all in or all out when it comes to polish. Trust me every little things helps.

4. Comfortable over cute shoes always.

Although it may be tempting to wear your cutest pair of stilettos, or those 7 inch heels you wore last weekend, try to find a combination between the OMG cute shoes and the WHOA comfortable ones. The perfect shoe can make any outfit go from a 7 to a 10 really quick, and can make you feel completely put together. You will not feel completely put together though, when you fall on your butt in front of your prospective employer because you wore impractical shoes.

My advice: If it is summer or spring go for wedges, they are much more stable, or a pair of cute flats. If it is winter or fall go for a classy small heeled boot.

5. What would I wear? You ask

Some of my favorite looks this season are boyfriend blazers and cute skirts. It is good to grab pieces you can mix and match, and that you’ll want to wear again sometime. These classic steals from Forever 21 can get your winter interview closet started and gives a reason to satisfy your shopping craving (it’s for work, I need it).

This adorable high neck top is elegant with a pop of fun in the ruffled collar. It would pair well with any of the skirts or especially with these high waisted tapered dark teal pants. Add a cute blazer ( like the black boyfriend style below) and you’re set to kick that interviews butt.

This classic blazer can be worn so many ways you’ll never get tired of it, and it’s not your average black blazer. The oversized style gives a look of classy without trying too hard.

The above dress and blazer combination paired with a cute tote, a longline necklace and some ankle booties is an adorable look for an interview that can transition into a supper on the town with your girls (to celebrate your new job)

This top and skirt stand out in any crowd. The interesting pocket patterns, mock neck and sleeves combines all of the best trends this season into one. Add a pair of opaque tights, gold bracelets and ankle booties and you’re ready to take on the world.

This classic color block dress can be worn on its own, with a blazer or a cute coat, and with simple jewelry or statement piece so. It truly is versatile, so you can make it your own.

Happy shopping!



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