Mindful Mondays

The first in a series that I am very exciting to release is this week’s Mindful Monday. There’s a ton of fantastic ways to beat those Monday Blues, and what better than to do something to be mindful of yourself. Whether that is being mindful of your mind, body, environment, hunger level (mine right now is HIGH), or anything else that affects how you feel.

Mindful Mondays will feature pieces on how to start your week off right, and take care of yourself. They can be anything like fun, feel good recipes, simple yoga routines, or a fantastic book. It’s all about taking care of you!

This week is off to a fun start with my favorite feel good snack (no, not Doritos): smoothies.

Everyone has their own way of making smoothies, some people like vegetables, some people like soy milk, some people like coconut water; I like berries and mango. I am a firm believer that eating food that is good for you shouldn’t mean eating food you really don’t enjoy. The following recipe is my personal favorite only including feel good and taste good ingredients I love:

Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie:


3/4 cups frozen raspberries

1/3 cup yogurt

3/4 cups frozen mango

1/3 cup orange juice


Combine raspberries, yogurt and 1/2 cup ice in blender until smooth; set aside.

Combine mango, orange juice and 1/2 cup ice in blender until smooth; set aside.

Serve raspberry mixture immediately, topped with mango mixture.

Voila! A refreshing, sweet/tart mixture to start off your morning or end off your afternoon. Enjoy!
recipe adapted from and photo via damndelicious.net

Happy snacking!




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