What to Wear Wednesdays

Keeping up with the alliterations, What to Wear Wednesdays are the next instalment of my newfound focus for the blog. I am an admitted shopaholic so having a day dedicated to pieces on fashion seemed to make sense. From new trends, looks you’ll love, to style steals sure to make the inner Rebecca Bloomwood squeal in delight.

This week I wanted to feature something that will be important in the near future: rain boots. When the winter weather ends and the world we know becomes one large puddle, we’re always left scrambling for rain boots. Now the obvious choice would be to do what every other person has been doing; run to the closest trend shop and drop some serious cash on a pair of Hunters.

I suggest a different approach. Rain boots don’t need to be boring! I am a firm believer that anything you wear in the rain should be bright and fun, so you can feel better about the weather. Patterned rubber boots are a staple accessory, and can turn any damp dreary day into an “OMG Look At My Boots Take A Cute Insta Pic Of Me In My Boots” kind of day.

Keep your eye out now for sales on boots, it’s never too early to shop for Spring. My suggestion:

These adorable puppy pattern classic navy and gold boots from shopruche.com. I just bought them, and I can’t wait to get them in the mail! They’re also on sale for about $50 right now until January 24 with the code EXTRA40 (That works for all sale items too!). Who doesn’t love 40% off?

Happy shopping!




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