The Era of Epiphanies 

There is a bit of a jokey connotation that comes along with the saying “new year, new me”. It has been overused, and underwhelming for quite some time now. Therefor: I have never been one for resolutions on January 1st, but I have been one for random epiphanies. Yesterday I had three:

1. Products I wish existed #158; Lappy-Nappy. A liquid/ other disastrous mess absorbing pad with a repellant bottom that can be placed over nice new dresses at the movie theatre to avoid getting butter stains on them within an hour of ripping off the tags. 

2. I am the crazy person on the bus. Always. (How I Met Your Mother Reference)

3. Blogs need focus and direction.

Therefore my January 12th epiphany is that I need to fine tune my blog to not only include my sporadic thoughts and pictures of dogs I thought were cute, and to organize it so that it reflects my personality, passions and life experiences. So stay tuned folks, because Cassey Louise is getting revamped (the blog and the person) and a whole lot more epiphanies are to come. 




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