A Sad Day for Americans 

I guess this should be titled “A Sad Lifetime for Americans”. I was idly strolling through my Facebook Feed when I came across this article from Buzzfeed on gifts from Canada to America for Christmas http://www.buzzfeed.com/cylapanin/christmas-gifts-from-canadians-to-americans-17dvc. 

When I got to the 3rd gift I couldn’t believe my eyes:

Kinder Surprises are ILLEGAL in the US. 

*mind blown*

How have they survived without the goodness of perfect Kinder white and milk chocolate? How have they lived without the joy of a terrible little toy wrapped in a decadent creamy treat? There was nothing I loved more as a kid than a Kinder Surprise (kind of still true now). I was boggled at ketchup chips and Kraft Dinner, but wow. All I can say is:

I love living in Canada ❤️


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