Unwanted news

As I awoke in my house in Cape Breton, laying under a big fluffy comforter with enough room in my bed to stretch out and happily sink my face into my pillow, I still missed my single bed. As happy as I am to be home with my family, the Mount has become another home to me, my fellow Mystics, like my second family. It is here in my comfortable bed, where I received the news that the tuition increase being discussed yesterday by our Board of Governors, had been approved. What does this mean for me? Luckily not too much. Fortunately I am going to be able to continue to attend University, a higher education will still be accessible to me. What does this mean for others? Unfortunately not the same. In a society where a higher education is evermore necessary not only in finding a future, but in finding your independance, it is becoming increasingly less accessible. 

I am dissapointed in the decision, as  I’m sure are my fellow students, and the Mount Saint Vincent University Student’s Union, but as of now there is nothing we can do to change this decision. What we can do moving forward is make sure that our voices are always heard. We, in solidarity with our union, must continue to stand for the needs of the student body. We must continue to stand for acceptance, and mindfulness. We must hold the University accountable for the promises they have made to use extra funds to improve our student services. 

We must continue to stand together to make the Mount community one that not only fosters great learning, but offers a place of acceptance and empathy for all. 


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