17 Times the Grinch Perfectly Described Life

1. When you put on a new outfit

giphy (4)

2. 4 hours into a Netflix marathon with Doritos


3. But then meal hall crush asks if you want to go eat

giphy (5).gif

4. When your friends told you so,

giphy (6).gif

5. Literally all the time


6. When you start to catch the feels


7. When someone brings you food

giphy (8)

8. Waking up feeling super ambitious


9. Waking up feeling not so super ambitious


10. Trying to erase the weekend’s mistakes


11. Bad hair days

giphy (10).gif

12. When your friend looks hot AF


13. When someone says: “you won’t be able to eat all that”


14. When your friends complain that you never come out

giphy (1)

15. Then the stages of getting convinced to go out:


giphy (2)

giphy (3)

16. Trying to save your grades like

giphy (9).gif

17. Finally, when you simply just can’t anymore

giphy (7)


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