____ number 7

Every year this is a time of celebration and remembrance for me, but for more reasons than most would think. 7 years today, the world lost a wonderful woman; a family lost their best baker and their champion scrabble player. 7 years today, I lost a grandmother. 
7 years ago, two days from now, I turned thirteen and I was so sad because I thought she wasn’t there to see. She wouldn’t see me become a teenager. Two days from now on the 7th I’ll turn twenty, I won’t be a teenager anymore and I know she’ll be there to see, because I know she’s watching over me just like she was 7 years before. 
The number 7 can mean different things to different people. For most what comes to mind is “lucky number 7”. For me, today, this month, it means a lot of things. It means a chapter of my life full of growth and change. It means a chapter of my life learning about loss and love. It means a chapter in my life that’s about to end, that you couldn’t see. It means learning that change seems scary, but no matter what it gets better. We can always grow from the things that feel like they break us.

Missing you and thinking of you; wishing we had had more birthdays together filled with homemade bread and hugs ❤️


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