Breaking News from July 21…

It’s easy to get so busy with work, school, family, etc. that sometimes we can miss major events in the world. For someone in PR this is tough for me, because I am basically required to keep up with all of the current news (good and bad).

Sometimes this can be a good thing, missing a large event. In cases such as mine today it can avoid crushing your dreams. Thanks to Blake Shelton’s tweet today about it I have become aware of the sad state that my future husband’s head has taken.

Spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t seen Adam Levine’s head yet: he’s bald, and it isn’t the first time. 

Fans have already had an epic freak out (understandably) the first time he debuted this interesting look back in July.

Just your dose of random probably useless news and an insight into my obsessive life. Let us just pray Zac doesn’t do the same or I may just have to do it too.

Currently accepting wig donations for the man of my dreams. #LocksforLevine


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