Call me Beep me

I love everything that I do, and I love being busy, but I hate sometimes losing track of the things that are not necessary, but make me happy. I feel like this is an extremely common phenomenon for University students. We get caught up in the world of assignments, papers, projects, exams, group meetings, work, eating, sleeping, etc. and our hobbies seem to get lost in translation. One thing that is extremely important to remember, is to try and set time aside for yourself to do the things you love, when you want to do them! 

If you play an instrument, if you write, if you draw, if you play video games, if you read, if you do he chicken dance by yourself in your room, or sing in the shower; no matter what makes you happy, you need to set time aside to do it. Take it from me, nothing good will ever come from depriving yourself of your silly little happy moments. 

Sometimes I feel like juggling everything in life is impossible, but then I channel my inner Kim (Possible) and I know that I can get through anything as long as I take care of myself. Mental health is as important as physical, so don’t forget to check in on yourself once in a while. 


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