I am addicted to my agenda. Without it, I feel lost. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if I left it behind for a day. We’re all busy, and life gets hectic (sometimes it just never stops being hectic). I fully plan on still requiring an agenda when I am in a nursing home for all of my dates and online shopping. I love lists, and calendars and timelines. I don’t necessarily always follow them, but they usually keep me heading in the right direction. I realized today that I spend A LOT of time making, reading and checking these lists, as I’m sure many of you do too. So I thought: to break up all these stressful lists of to-do’s, I’ll start making lists of things I love.

Today’s List: inspired by recent movie nights with friends is

Top 10 Celeb Crushes of my Lifetime


It’s no secret that I love movies, and it’s also no secret that I have an obsession with Zac Efron (spoiler alert), but what other dashing stars will make the cut?

10. Ron Stoppable

(don’t judge)

He taught me you can eventually get out of the friendzone. Plus who doesn’t love adorable awkward people?

9. Orlando Bloom

Pirates of the Caribbean. That is all.

8. Gordo

I don’t even know what his real name is, but he was the man of my dreams for a period of time in my pre-teens.

7. Spider-Man

Specifically Toby McGuire as Spider-Man, but I mean hey, he wear a mask most of the time anyways so it could be anybody.

6. Alex Pettyfer

I loved him in Beastly, and then they put him in Magic Mike and I was like 😍.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Great Gatsby is literally a story of my dreams. He has been hot forever it’s like he doesn’t age.

4. Young Leonardo DiCaprio

*breathing problems*

Yes he deserves to separate spots. LOOK at that face. 

3. Michiel Huisman

I LOVE Blake Lively but I would take her out in a heartbeat for him.

2. Channing Tatum


1. Zac Efron

No explanation necessary.

There you have it! Hope this brightened your day as much as looking up these pictures brightened mine.



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