To my Mount family: old and new, have an incredible first day of classes! I hope you are all as excited as I am to start or continue this journey. Special warm wishes to the first year students going to their first class today. Remember to have fun today, and take care of yourselves. This is the start of something new (High School Musical reference b/c we all now know I’m obsessed with Zac Efron)
I cannot wait for you all to grow in this incredible place, as I have myself. On the first day, I want to share a few of my top tips for class. You will probably hear all these from your professors, and most likely ignore them, but you shouldn’t, they really are helpful.

1. Go to class

This seems obvious. You have class: go to class. But in the real world of young adult life (scary place) the truth is we do not like getting out of bed. I promise you that there WILL be things your professor discusses in class that will be on your exam, that will not be in the books or the PPTs. The discussions in class are where you get the real, important and most interesting information on the topic. Even showing up tired will be better than missing out on something important down the road.

2. Don’t sit with a giant group of friends

It’s great to walk into class on the first day and see a bunch of people you know, but try and resist squeezing the whole squad into the darkest corner of the room. It will be easier for you to get distracted the farther you are from the professor. We learn best when we go outside our comfort zone, so sit with someone new, sit near the front, and let yourself learn at your fullest potential.

3. Manage your time

Your syllabus is your BFFL (is that still a thing?). These pieces of paper will tell you eveything you have due all year. Manage your time. Start assignments early, get prepared so you are never stuck eating 10 Awake bars and staying up until 5 am writing a paper that will make ZERO sense in the am. I’m not saying you need every assignment done the first week, but hey you do you.

4. Turn your phone off

I get it. It’s your world, it’s your life, it’s your plug into everything going on. It’s mine too, but listening in class is more important than your friends latest Insta selfi. I know what your thinking, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT #doitforthelikes. Trust me on this, this class is costing you over $600, I could buy A LOT of clothes with that so don’t waste it away updating Facebook.

5. Have fun. You’re here to learn, and to create memories. Meet new people, talk to your prof, be engaged in class and love your program! If you don’t find something you do love. Never feel stuck in a class, degree or lifestyle you don’t want to be.

That’s it’s! Good luck




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