12 Dorm Essentials You Might Forget

Although every dorm room is different, they are all probably smaller than the one you’re used to holding all your stuff. You will always overpack (me) or under pack and panic when you realize you have nothing, but don’t fret! Eventually you’ll have everything you need to feel at home in your very own little shoebox. To help you get a head start, here’s a list of some things you might not think to bring to your room that will come in handy!

1. Fan

The obvious purpose of a fan is to cool you down during the heat in the warmer months. The most useful purpose of a fan is actually as a noise canceller (I’m not even sure that’s a word). You will probably be used to sleeping in the summer with a fan, this means that the noise won’t bother you while you’re sleeping, studying, or any other activities that require a quiet environment. I slept with my fan on every night, facing the door so it wasn’t blowing cold air on me. The noise cancelled out any sounds from the lounge or other rooms, so no matter what was going on outside my room I could sleep, do yoga or study in peace. 

2. Door stopper 

If you’re an extrovert (like me) and enjoy meeting new people, or are terrified of FOMO (fear of missing out) you will want one of these. They sell out incredibly fast in September, but you can always use a piece of wood. It makes it easier for people to approach you, and you won’t have to keep getting out of bed to open your door for people. Plus it comes in handy for hearing what’s going on in the hall. Great for the first week when everyone is nervous meeting each other!

3. Power bar

Extension cords are not allowed in Assisi (so I cannot suggest you get one), but a power bar is a great addition to your room. With the importance of deadlines and final papers you want to make sure you’re protected from power surges. These bars will save your laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, IDock, and whatever else you have plugged in from frying. Plus they have multiple plugs so it’s kind of a win win for you.

4. Robe/Body Wrap Towel & Shower Shoes

Bathrooms are located in the middle of the floors in Assisi. This means that you will have to leave your room to use them. There aren’t any shelves in the shower stalls for clothing or anything so bringing a robe or body wrap that you can throw on to walk back to your room is a great idea. Never know when the cute guy from down the hall might have to pee, or a fire drill happens and you end up stranded in the lobby of Rosaria blind without your contacts, with just a small towel to your name (learn from my mistakes). The shoes are self explanatory. 

5. Swiffer 

The floors in your room will probably start to get dirty pretty quickly, with crumbs from midnight snacks, dirt from your shoe collection, and just general messiness kick in. A swifter is a great way to clean up quickly without a lot of effort. It makes just enough difference to make walking on the floor seem more pleasant. You can even get an imitation one at the dollar store for $2! It works great.

6. Laundry Loonies (or other change) 

Assisi washers and dryers take loonies. This might not seem like a problem, except that nobody ever has change on them. Chances are if you have no loonies, nobody else does either and the security desk has already given their away. When you leave home stop at your bank, Credit Union or whatever it is for you, and get a few rolls of loonies to bring with you. Trust me they’ll come in handy!

7. Portable phone charger

Often plans will come up quick, and you’ll be so busy all day you won’t realize that your phone is dying. Especially if you’re new to the city this can be a problem. Your phone is like you’re lifeline (unfortunatly you won’t win $1 million) it is the one thing that will get you maps, bus routes and times, restaurants close by, and the chance to phone a friend if you really end up in a pickle. Going downtown you’ll want to have your phone in case something happens. Getting a portable charger is the best way to make sure you’re never stuck with a useless cell. When you aren’t using it leave it plugged in so its ready for you to grab on your way out the door. 

8. Spare towel for heater

You aren’t always the one controlling the heat in your dorm room. You can always pile blankets on when it’s cold, but when someone cranks it up full blast every morning you can only take off so many layers to sleep. Bring an extra body towel to put over the heater by the window, it will help reduce the hot air that gets into your room, so you won’t wake up in a sweat  spot (no I did not misspell sweet. I mean sweat spot literally).

You can also put cold water or ice in a bowl in front of a fan to help cool down the room!

9. Bed risers

With limited storage space (and a lot of stuff) you’ll be looking for any book and cranny to shove your beloved yoga pants and super necessary 25 pairs of shoes, because who knows what occasion will come up? Or your baseball mitt, hat, bat, and lucky batting glove, just in case there’s a game. Bed risers are pretty cheap and you can use them to create storage space under your bed, which can come in handy. 

10. Microwave safe Mug

Although there aren’t any other kitchen appliances you can use for cooking in Assisi, there is more to the microwave than just KD cups and frozen dinners. One of the hidden wonders of the microwave is what I like to call “Mug-cuisine” it sounds fancy right? Well it can be! With simple ingredients you can make anything from a mug cake, mug brownie, mug cookie, the possibilities are endless, and they can be a quick substitute for missing Mom’s homemade sweets. Check Pinterest for recipes!

11. Multi-hangers

You can buy these at the dollar store! The closets in Assisi aren’t very big, so if you need a lot of storage space for your clothes you can use these to fit more hangers in at once. 

12. Printer 

Having your own printer will save you so much trouble, and you can get them fairly cheap in September. I got my Canon one for $35 and it even has a scanner on it! Buying print credits in the library and then using one of the school printers can be more of a hassle than you want. When it comes to your final papers and assignments you want to make sure you have quick easy access to a printer in case something goes wrong. They don’t take up much desk space either. 


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