You gave me pizza at 11:11. I passed out before 12:34. 

I am finally in bed after 21 hours awake and on my feet. 3:30 this (yesterday technically) morning came fast as I had only made it to bed at midnight because I was celebrating with all of my family. I was blessed (and cursed) with two weddings today. I spent the morning driving to Ingonish chasing the sunrise over a beautiful scenic Pleasant Bay. I have never appreciated how nice it is there, until now that I have seen it erupt into colors more vibrant than Cape Breton’s famous fall. 

I arrived at the Keltic Lodge for the first time in my life to find a breathtaking view, incredibly friendly staff and a lot of work to be done. Lauren thankfully found me a tolerable latte of some sort and even a cinnamon roll (bless her) which I ate around 3 pm haha. I spent my morning organizing table cards, setting up tables and clothes, doing more heavy lifting than I have in my life, and potting plants. Stringing lights with the workers rap music in the background was oddly fun for me, as is all of the tasks many people would find boring or time consuming. I love table cards. Really truly love them, they bring me joy. Centerpieces make me giddy, and even strange potted plants placed perfectly on tables aligned in rows make me content. I climbed under benches and used fishing wire to hold down striped cushions in the wind as guests arrived to the property for the ceremony. I was still quite dirt covered, sweaty, and fighting with seat cushions who did not want to stay down. When I finished and walked away though all I felt was pride. The bride walked down the aisle. Knowing that because of what we all worked on, someone had an incredible day made me smile. Knowing that my tiny potted plants, dirty fingernails, and knot tying skills a brides dream came true made me smile. I love making people happy. 

As if that wasn’t a great enough day, I then got to come right back home to make it in time for my Aunt Ann’s wedding in Belle Cote. Two Cape Breton weddings in ONE DAY?! I got home in time for the ceremony on the beach, and I cried when I saw how beautiful Ann looked in her dress standing across from the man that she loves so much. I got to see family I haven’t seen in years, and I even danced to Lola and the Phantoms for the second time this summer! (And my lifetime haha) When I finally got to eat at 11:11- ish I sat surrounded by laughter and smiles. As I scarfed down my pizza (my one true love in the world) I knew why people got married. It was the beginning of something special. I like to think of your wedding kiss as your first kiss in your life together. But people don’t just get married for themselves. They get married for their friends, families, neighbours, sometimes even strangers. For everyone to be able to witness their little piece of magic, and to hopefully inspire a little bit of love in someone else. I know I’m feeling the love right now, for my bed. ❤️ 

Here’s to my second wedding down and my wonderful Aunt Ann and her husband Ross on their marriage. 





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