Here comes the… Wait where’s the bride?

This weekend I not only learned about wedding planning, but also quite a bit about myself. I was so fortunate to be able to work with the lovely Lauren Martin of elegant productions! I have always been amazed by weddings; Friday Bride Day on TLC is the most exciting part of most of my weekends. Getting the chance to see the magic all come into place was spectacular. 

I had the chance to witness the rehearsal, set-up, ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner all from the perspective of a planner. Let me tell you it’s a much different story! I am definitely not an expert, but from my experience I’ve made a small list of qualities you would definitely need if you want to enter the business of Event Planning. 

1. You need to be able to thrive in high-stress situations. 

This is incredibly important. When it’s time for the ceremony and the bride was supposed to arrive 5 minutes ago yesterday you can’t panic and run to the nearest Starbucks (even though you want to). It’s your job to be level headed and think on your feet to solve the problem. 

2. You can’t always be a people pleaser, but certain people require more pleasing. 

You have to be okay with the fact that not every single person at the wedding  is going to love every single thing that happens. It’s impossible to please everyone. With that in mind, you definitely need to keep people prioritized in your head. The bride and groom are obviously two of the most important people to keep happy. Often overlooked is the priest/justice of the peace. If you are at a church, he gets the final say on yes or no to those giant flower pots your Aunt Gina made going on his alter. Without him, there’s no marriage! 

3. You have to be great with tiny details, but know when to let them go. 

It’s an incredible asset to pay attention to detail, and be good with the small things that make a difference. But when one candlestick is higher than the other on a table, or the rucheing isn’t just quote perfect compared to the other panel, sometimes you need to just walk away. Truth is, nobody is going to notice. There are bigger fish to fry! 

4. No wedding can go perfectly.

You may think you have everything planned to the last sequin on the bride’s dress. You have the DJ booked, bar stocked, and you even found a way to sit cousin Rick far enough away from the stage so the mic doesn’t pick up his cursing, the mother of the bride far enough away from the father of the bride that they won’t make a scene but close enough that they feel equally as important, and Uncle Steve close enough to the bathroom that when he eats the dairy he’s allergic too he can leave quietly without disrupting the best man’s speech. But something, SOMETHING will always not go according to plan and that’s just life.

5. You need to love it.

Not everyone can be a wedding planner. It takes a special kind of person to understand how to take the dreams and visions of a couple and turn them into something even more magnificent. It takes a special kind of patience to spend hours unfolding hundreds of tiny paper butterfly wings just for a piece of decor that most people won’t notice. It takes a special kind of drive to work in a field where there are no set working hours, but there are plenty of deadlines. It takes a special kind of heart to feel the inexplicable sense of whatever it is when you watch all of that time and work come together to make a magical night. Some weird mixture of pride, joy, sadness, fear, excitement, and motherly sense of protectiveness, with a bit of wine induced sleepiness. 

So keep in mind that wedding planning isn’t always butterflies and sparkles (but sometimes it is), but if it’s the kind of job for you, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. 

Here’s to many more weekends of happy couples. Wedding número un fini! 




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