I am afraid of many things.

Does this make me weak? People are looked down upon for being afraid, they’re called names and insulted. We base our self worth on how others view us. Being brave, strong is so important, more so as we grow older. As we get older it becomes less acceptable to be scared of anything. Adults cannot get away with keeping a nightlight in their room, or checking their closets for monsters before bed without being mocked.

As we get older people also begin to stop owning up to their fears. They believe that being fearless is having no fears, when really it’s just that : fear-less.

What I mean is true fearlessness, true courage is not having no fear, or pretending you don’t. True fearlessness is accepting your fears, facing them head on, and at the end of the day being able to say you fear them a little bit less. Having less fear, not no fear. Fear-less.

You may say you have courage because you have never been afraid, but that’s irrelevant. That is like saying you are lucky because you always win, when you actually never play the game.

My fear makes me strong, because it provides me with opportunity to grow. My fear gives me the chance to be fearless.

Fear is inevitable. Courage is a choice.

So be courageous, and soon you’ll be fearless too.


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