Tinder Tips: the bro code edition

As per your request I have done my best detective work (begging friends and strangers for help) and have managed to come up with a slightly shorter list of tips for Tinder from a guy’s perspective. As an added bonus I was fortunate enough to gain insight for any of you guys thinking “Cassey help a brother out, we aren’t all into girls.”. Luckily for all of us my wonderful friend Ryan Nearing of the Nearing Joy blog was kind enough to help me out with a second list. Check his blog out at http://www.nearingjoy.wordpress.com ! Trust me he’s amazing. 

Without further adieu, the secrets of the male mind revealed 🔮

List one: Tips from guys to girls

1. Have at least one picture alone. It’s nice to know you have friends but srsly. How am I supposed to tell which one you are? I’m not a psychic. 

2. Have pictures where I can tell what you look like. We like mystery, but not that much. It is Tinder after all.

3. Have a description (conversation starter? Come on a hint…plz)

4. Be honest in your description. Want a serious relationship from Tinder (ha) lemme know. Want a one night stand lemme know. Don’t be coy. 

5. Don’t post pictures without your face. Don’t get me wrong the boobs are great but like can’t you show me your face at the same time? #killingtwobirds 

6. I mean I don’t hate the boobs. 

7. Message me first. Strong women are hot. 

8. Don’t have multiple pictures of you and the same guy… It’s a little suspicious.

9. Mirror selfies are a no. Just a no.

10. Don’t lie about your age. It’s just weird. Girl I can see you, I know you’re not 24. You’re 12. Call me back when you lose the training bra. 

11. But do you have an older sister on here? Just kidding. Sort of. 

12. Don’t be completely wgw in every picture. I mean it would be cool if you were sober once in a while. J-sayin.

13. Have a few friends. Let’s me know people can stand being in your presence.

14. This is Tinder. Pick pictures where you look hella cute. Not your grade eight school picture with your braces and scrunchie that’s hanging on your gma’s wall. 

15. I wouldn’t want to match with a girl who doesn’t like chicken wings (put it in your description, trust me).

16. It varies from guy to guy, everyone has different preferences. Just be yourself and see where it goes. 

There you have it. Once again you can feel free to ignore all of what this says because everyone is looking for something different out of Tinder, and we can’t please everyone. 

List two: tips from guys to guys

Courtesy of Ryan

1. First pic should always be one of just you. BUT NO SELFIES.

2. Keep the description short. No one actually reads it. And keep an allure of mystery.

3. Have some other people in the rest of your pics. It shows you may actually have a life.

4. No obvious filters in your pictures pls.

5. DON’T START THE CONVERSATION. But then most likely he won’t start the conversation. So you’re basically going nowhere. 

6. If you dare venture to start the conversation never say more than “hey”. #needy

7. Don’t ask too many questions. One guy once asked me where I’m from, where I live, what I study, where I work, what I’m doing, do I like it, and what I want to do in my life. All in one message. (Why you so obsessed with me?)

8. Laugh in your pics. Adds personality. 

9. Also, don’t do an awkward head tilt.

10. Take Tinder with a grain of salt. Never base your worth off of the number of matches. That’s what Instagram likes are for. 💁 #igdaily

Thank you Ryan for that fabulous advice ❤️. Much love. Much thnx.

So, Good luck in your Tinder travels my friends and remember, if it doesn’t work out you’ll probably be alone forever. 

LOL just kidding: there’s always Christianmingle.com




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