Canada D’eh

As I sat on the Maritime Bus once again heading to Cape Breton, as it is my private luxury transportation, I listened to my favorite Arkells songs and reminisced about the amazing week I have had. From traveling with my Mount family to welcome a new student and surprise her at her graduation, celebrating two very important birthdays: Ryan Nearing and Canada (Ryan’s name is listed first bcuz he is #1), having a four night sleepover with amazing friends, eating my first (and second) peanut butter burgers from Darrel’s, and FINALLY getting my bacon cheeseburger poutine from Smokes. These were obviously all highlights. 

As I scratched my thousand and one mosquito bites and listened to the crying baby sitting in front of me while his toddler bother kicked the back of my seat, I thought how the week hadn’t gone as I expected, or how I planned. I had my share of small dissapointments; cancelled events I had been looking forward to forever, but I realized that even though not everything worked out, I had an incredible time. I had an even better time because I didn’t let it get to me. I didn’t get upset or let it ruin my night, or week. I just went with the flow, and enjoyed being in great company. Some things even turned out better than expected. 

So this Canada Day I am thankful to have the opportunities that I do living in this country. No nation is perfect, but I have grown up in one that I can honestly say has treated me well. I have been safe from many oppressions young girls face in so many other places, and I was able to live my life without fear. I have been able to pursue any education I desire, which has opened countless doors for me. I am thankful for my friends and family, I am thankful for these last few journeys as they have led me to learn a lot about myself. I am thankful to have finally found the strength to not sweat the small stuff.

(Title credits to Haley Myatt haha)


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