La vie est belle. 

After five weeks in Quebec, three plane rides and a much needed nap, I can say I’m safely home in Cape Breton. This has been the most amazing experience, and I was blessed with the opportunity to meet so many outstanding people. I had the chance to adventure in the beautiful city with my incredible friends, and I can’t imagine how I will live without them. Not waking up every day and walking to class to study french with my hilarious professor, speaking with the animateurs in their room, going on activities in the afternoons, and meeting up with the squad (or the herd apparently) for fun in the evening will be surreal. My heart longs for poutine at Chez Ashton, maple syrup mayonnaise at Chez Victor, $5 pulled pork at Bureau de Post, and ice cream at Chocolat Favoris. It longs for my friends, each person that I got the pleasure of becoming close with whether it was on day one, or week five. Each of you has made an impact on my life and my experience wouldn’t be the same without you. Please keep in contact, whether it’s a message on facebook, a text, a FaceTime, a phone call, or even just a snapchat once in a while. Thank you all for making Quebec feel like home. 

 I cannot wait for a Explore reunion soon ❤️. You always have a place to stay in Nova Scotia! xo 

Featuring a few of our shenanigans 💃



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