The Mount Cares

I am so proud of my University and everything that it stands for. It is the most accepting and loving institution, and it proves time after time that it cares about all of its students. It is not hard to find extraordinary leaders on campus, beginning with our President and Vice-President Academic. They are an inspiration to each student there, especially myself. Ramona is strong, confident and kind. She can be seen roaming the halls among the students chatting, or at the varsity games cheering along with the crowd. Elizabeth is passionate, warm and dedicated. She shows her true desire to help the students in every effort she puts into knowing them. She is involved with the school and the surrounding community. These two women are the kinds of adults who I dream of becoming. They treats everyone they meets with respect, and fairness.

This building is just a testament to the already amazing support that the Mount shows it students. This University was created by women, it was run by the Sisters of Charity, and it is now lead by two amazing women. This is a place where women (and men) can grow into the leaders the world needs us to be. MSVU was established in 1873 by these Sisters, and at the time was one of the few institutions the offered higher education for women in Canada. This was at a time when women could not vote. The Mount has always been a leading institution in recognizing women’s achievements. This is just the icing on the cake.

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