This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some of the amazing new students that will be attending the Mount next year. Being a part of early registration from the other side of things has been a great experience. To see my favorite place once again so full of life, and energy fills my heart with joy.

I was honoured with the chance to give a speech to them at the scholarship reception. Standing on the stage I realized how true the words I was saying were. When I saw their faces I remembered what it was like to sit in those seats listening to a speech: nervous, awkward, scared. I thought about how I felt now after one short year: at home, at peace, full of joy. I felt like I belonged, more strongly than I have felt about any other place I have been. The Mount has made me who I am today, a much better version of myself. I am more comfortable, confident, and simply happy with myself. It is a place of acceptance, understanding and such great diversity that there is a niche for everyone. 

This place truly is paraMount (get it haha) to any other and I am blessed to be surrounded by all of the amazing people in it. 


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