Home Sweet Halifax

Mount Saint Vincent University is anything but ordinary, and that is what makes it so amazing.

Many people say that you don’t get the “true university experience” at the Mount, and I was guilty of thinking it a few times, but then I realized: why would I want to have the exact same university experience as everyone else? What is ever cool about being cookie cutter anyway? (The answer is nothing) At the Mount I got to experience things I never would have gotten the chance to anywhere else.

I got to sit beside the President in the cafeteria, at the basketball and volleyball games in the bleachers, and pass her in the halls where she would stop and have a conversation with me, calling me by name. I know her as Ramona, the incredibly kind, generous woman who makes time for every Mount student to feel special. How many of you non-Mystics can say the same abou your president? (Not many)

I got to know every member of my Student Union personally, and many are some of my best friends. I always knew what was going on around campus and never missed an event. From themed pubs, open mics, and karaoke in Vinnie’s, or Mount Cup and a varsity game in the gym you would find me. The best part was, I could tell you the name of every Mount student in the room (I also didn’t have to step foot outside to do it either so that was cool).

Don’t get me wrong, there were parties. If you wanted to find them they were there, and they were better. You knew the people, and there was always food. We went downtown, we spent time in malls, and we explored the city. We didn’t sit at home and twiddle our thumbs. On the contrary to many on the outside’s beliefs we have a lot of fun.

Exhibit A:


 I’ve only been home for two days and my heart already aches for the leather couches in the union, chatting with Kenney, Justin, Hayley, Shane, Tyler and whoever else was around always laughing. It aches for the study dates in Evaristus in the always empty rooms, the cafeteria where chatter is always heard and you never need to sit alone. It aches for my professors who knew me by name, and even the staff who all had a cheery “Hello” for me Everytime I walked by. It even aches for my tiny room in Assisi, and the lounge that always smelled of strange microwaveable dinners where I would watch endless Gossip Girl and 90210 with my best friend Alysa. I miss being surrounded by people, where company was only a second away and where food was only a phone call away. Most of all I miss my family, my Mount family, every last one of them. There were so many people who made my time this year at the Mount so inexplicably spectacular, and I don’t know how I will go months without them.

What many people may consider a downside, I consider its best feature. So when people ask me why I go to the Mount, it’s because it’s NOT like other Universities, and that is what makes it so special.


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