This is my first year of university, and the first day I stepped on campus I wasn’t scared or homesick like most other freshmen. I felt relieved. I was relieved to be finally somewhere new, somewhere bigger, better, with people that were meeting me without any preconceived notions of who I was or should be. There were no expectations but my own.
I was welcomed with open arms by all of the members of the Mount community from the President and Vice-President who take time to talk to me in the halls and ask me about whatever I’ve been involved in lately, the cafeteria workers who know how much I love chicken wings (the answer is a lot) to the floor mates, classmates, and simply amazing people who have come to be my closest friends. Those who accept me without hesitation and without expectations.
These people are my inspiration. They believe in me, and they make me a better version of myself. To everyone who has touched my life in the last seven months, thank you. You are every much a part of my success as I am. You motivate me, encourage me, and stand by me. For that I am eternally grateful.
In celebrating one of my closest friends birthdays, I am realizing that I am so fortunate (not only because she kills the bugs in my room for me). It is rare to meet someone and in such a short amount of time, feel as though you have known them forever. I cannot remember what it was like to be without many of the people that I have met this year.
(The fabulous birthday girl herself)
Often we will forget to let our closest friends know how much they mean to us. Often we will think how grateful we are for the little things that they do, (like sharing their Doritos & Mr.Noodles) but we don’t usually telI them. I challenge you all to take the time to do this, because really: where would we be without them?
So thank you, everyone for being you. I am who I am because of your support.
Special shoutout to the student’s union executives for supporting me all year. You have been more spectacular than I could ever say in words.


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