The Yes Year

It took a while for me to start this blog. I always thought, who would want to read what I write? I’m really not that interesting, nothing really happens to me. I realized that it is so easy to find reasons to not do something, but if we try just a little bit harder we can actually find reasons to do it.

An amazing woman once said to me, “I am going to live vicariously through you.” It was in that moment that I realized, it was time I start living vicariously through myself.

I decided that I would have a “yes” year (with some boundaries). When I got invited to a panel, a conference, a coffee date with a friend, when I was unsure if I should run for council, volunteer, join a society. Whenever I was afraid of not being good enough, or failure, I ignored it (I even killed a spider all by myself once). The opportunities this has brought me have been amazing, and so when I thought to myself, it would be really fun to have a blog but what if nobody likes it? I decided to say yes. Yes to this blog, yes to adventure, to advocacy, to life.

So here it is, and here I am: a Public Relations student living it up in Haliwood, trying to practice the art of doing more than just getting by.

  P.S I’m the one chucking deuces that look like scissors. 



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