The Little Things

As I sat in the cab yesterday I realized that I really didn’t have that much to complain about. The day had started off rough, unpleasant circumstances made me late for my meeting to practice a presentation; when I finally arrived the pictures on our PowerPoint suddenly decided they didn’t want to be shown to the class. I had to scramble to try and replace them only to see that they worked after all on the classroom computer so I had wasted all of my practice time trying to fix them.

I was now on my way to the dentist, a place that although I am 19 and considered an adult, continues to terrify me. The dentist would later charge me $63.00 for poking his finger in my mouth and informing me that my wisdom teeth were in fact coming in (DUH, why else would I have made an appointment about the pain from my wisdom teeth?!) and to refer me to another dentist (probably more expensive) to get an x-Ray and have them removed. I also hate needles, so this whole ordeal wasn’t sounding very pleasant.

 I left smiling though (not because he had even cleaned my teeth), because it was sunny, the sky was blue and the air was that perfect crisp temperature in March. It is the little things. Sure I had a quiz I didn’t know about, I forgot my laundry and had to stay up late to finish it even though I worked at 9 am this morning, but I got to watch The Big Bang Theory with one of my best friends. I got to laugh, a real laugh, and smile, a true smile. It is the little things.

So if there is one thing I have learned, it is that there are no “bad days”, there are days when the balance isn’t exactly equal, but it’s in how you weight things. Sure ten bad things may have happened, but five great things may have happened too, even if you can’t recognize that right away. From now on I am going to try and stop using my famous catchphrases “this is the worst day of my life/the best day of my life” interchangeably multiple times in the same day.

From now on I will be living with the mentality that only I can make my day what I want, and as Marshall MacLuhan said, the medium is the message (just kidding, I still don’t understand this, but I’ll throw it in there like the PR profs do and hope you get the meaning).

Life is short, so make the most of every single day. Whether it’s spending an hour cuddling with your cat, three minutes with your precious morning coffee, a half hour of skirting responsibilities with your best friend to a comedy show about scientists, or walking down spring garden road to Pete’s for a spinach and feta samosa (so worth it by the way). Enjoy life, and take time to appreciate the little things.


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